Guidance so you can recover gracefully from a breakup
& create long-term love with a partner you can count on
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Have you struggled with a bad breakup, or an on-again-off-again rocky relationship? If so, you’re in the right place.

What if you could have a partner who felt easy to be with, who treated you well and you knew you could count on? What if you knew you had tons of love in your life, that you could count on?

That’s what is possible for you. You can have a life partner who is mind-blowingly good to you. Your life can be so full of love that loneliness becomes a thing of the past. I know because I’ve been there, and supported clients from loneliness to finding love. Now, I’m with the partner of my wildest dreams. We are making a life together, and he treats me like a goddess.

As a trained, certified coach, I support you to learn how to create mind-blowing love. I teach you to date strategically so you can meet someone who can really match you. With support, my clients gain the tools to find, and keep the most relationship they’ve ever had.

My Story of Courage and Healing

My heart collapsed like an empty balloon, deflated and unloved. Did he want me?

I looked at my iPhone the way a sailor’s wife looks out at the horizon, hoping to sight a ship. How could he drop our plans without saying a thing? 

I sat on my friend’s red, velvety couch, looking at the gloomy clouds outside. It was hours past the time we agreed to meet, and my boyfriend still hadn’t returned my call.

As time passed, a pit of worry grew inside my stomach. Was he okay? Was he coming? If he was okay, why didn’t he text to say he’d be late?

This wasn’t the first time he’d disappeared without a word. Usually, he’d eventually show, but this time he never came. No explanation, no text.

My belly burned with frustration. I wanted to know – What was he thinking?! Why didn’t he come?

My friend watched as I slumped heavily onto the couch. She said, “Sometimes, when a person isn’t giving you what you need, you have to turn your energy back to yourself. You have to stop giving it to him and focus on giving it to you.”

Man, did I hate hearing that! I wanted him to CHANGE! I knew he loved me. Why couldn’t he just treat me like he cared!? I was furious.

When I finally gave up on waiting, I stepped toward the door, sunk with grief. It was still grey and raining. As I stepped through the doorway, thick, cool air pressed against my skin.

Normally, when he disappeared, I’d wander around feeling miserable, call him a bunch more times.

This time was different. I gave all that energy back to myself. I asked my inner voice, What would I want to do? Instead of crawling into bed to wonder why he didn’t care about me, I headed to a hot tub. Yes, it felt miserable. But no, I wasn’t going to let that feeling make me treat myself like someone who deserved to feel miserable. I was going to feel miserable and love myself anywayeven though I had to force it.

After that day, things were different. I realized even when I felt completely unable to give energy to myself that it could be done. I knew I could fight to take care of myself even as emptiness and unlovability wrenched at my heart.

Over time, this decision make self care my #1 priority became a habit. I learned everything I could about how to love myself, even when it was really hard. And eventually, I solidified my commitment by ending my rocky relationship.

As soon as I did, I opened the door for a new life partner who wanted to be good to me. Now, I’m blissfully married, in a relationship is easy and nourishing in a deep way I couldn’t have known was possible on that grey day.

Why am I telling you this?

I want you to know incredible love is possible for you too. Even if you’re worried about ending up alone, or don’t think you’re worthy, you can have the kind of love you’ve always hoped for.

You are never a failure, even if your relationship ends
and a breakup does not mean a thing about your lovability or worth.
Sometimes, your biggest loss only opens the door for better things to come.
Your job is to be ready when better things come knocking at your door. And they will. If you are open and commit to yourself to heal.

I want you to be happy AND have deep, fulfilling connection.
You are worthy of all this, and more.

You can have the life you want. If you’re ready to say goodbye to bad relationships, I’d be honored to support you.

With appreciation for your wise heart,

P.S. That relationship ended badly, just like many other major heartbreaks before it. But it was the breakup that led me to turn things around for good… If you’d like to hear how I did, you can find the story in my free 10-Day Ready for Love Program.