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Lindsay Germain, Intuitive Life Coach

I work with women who’ve had a bad breakup, supporting them to reclaim their energy, heal, and create a wonderful love that can grow with them.

Not long ago, I was lonely, heartbroken, and wondered if I’d ever find a partnership that could last. After years of difficult relationships, I’d given up.

Now, I have it all – a life partner I can count on, a fun, fulfilling life, and a beautiful family.

It wasn’t always this way. Raised in a family with addictions, I struggled in bad relationships for more than a decade.

I share the tools that transformed my life, and have supported countless women to create the fun, love-filled lives they want.
I work with people who want to break the habit of bad relationships and create a partnership that can grow with them.

If you:

– have a big heart
– sometimes take better care of others than yourself
– feel stressed or struggle with chronic health issues, like insomnia, yeast, or fatigue

You’re in the right place. I’m here to support you to create the biggest, most fulfilling life and incredible love you can dream up.

If you think it might be a fit to work together, you can contact me for a free 30-min Ready for Love session today.



testimonial-photo“When I received relationship coaching from Lindsay, I was in a pretty raw and stuck place with myself. At that point, I had been trapped in an unhealthy attachment pattern to a guy whom I had previously dated.  I had spent several months feeling confused and insecure around his evasive feelings and behaviors, while also feeling out of touch with the validity of my own feelings and unmet needs. 

“I was afraid of losing the beautiful sense of strength that I had gained from my time with him,

yet I lost my center and a lot of that same sense of strength every time I tried to get my needs met by someone who -for various reasons- just wasn’t able to meet them at the time.  I was aware of attachment theory and aware of my own patterns and therefore was feeling doubly challenged as I tried to psychoanalyze all my very real feelings away.  I also resented him and myself more and more each time I failed at bringing us closer together.

“This is where Lindsay’s uncanny ability to listen deeply and empathize became a huge support.  She listened to all of my various stories and interpretations of his behaviors and all of the things that I felt I had done wrong.  She was able to continually bring the focus back to the validity of my own feelings and needs, which I continually lost faith in when they weren’t met by him.

“Through honest feedback and asking the perfect questions, she was able to help me see more clearly why this relationship hadn’t worked out in the first place, which was very empowering for me.  Although the struggle I had with my feelings around him didn’t just vanish, I was left with a sense of strength and resolve in a way that allowed me to be kinder to myself and grieve this lost sense of intimacy with him.  Just being heard and having my crazy internal battle reflected back to me from a non biased source was the best form of support I could have asked for at the time! 

“I highly recommend receiving coaching from Lindsay if you feel lost or unmet in your relationships and want an honest third party to bring you back to your personal strengths and relationship needs.” – Kymber


“When I started working with Lindsay, I was motivated to move on from a past relationship and to make changes in my life. I have worked with therapists in the past, but none have been active participants in my progress like Lindsay was.

She quickly sensed where I was and what I needed, and she offered helpful tools for working through things.

“Lindsay helped me to articulate what I want in my next partner, to identify my own communication style, and offered fascinating insight to approach the dating scene. I’m much more confident in what I want and my ability to find it, and I’m happy being patient until that happens.” – Julia


testimonial“Lindsay is such a talented and supportive counselor! She was so present with me and unconditionally loving, holding space for me to feel whatever I need to feel while giving me the kind of thoughtful and powerful reflection to see my situation in a new light. Appreciating her wisdom and grace, her vulnerability and lightheartedness.

“I would highly recommend to anyone to try working with her.

Thank you Lindsay for all that you do! :)” – Leslie


“In the seven years that I’ve known Lindsay, I have been consistently WOWED by the power of her insight.

“I can come to a session feeling confused, down on myself, unsure of what step to take next, and Lindsay listens with her heart and her compassionate mind fully engaged.  She has a very special ability to see through the fogginess, and shed light on the essentials. She holds space without judgment and trusts that you have the answers.

“With her coaching, you discover that you do.  I have emerged from many a session feeling like my dreams are possible, my mind is good, and the ground is firmer under my feet than I thought it was.  In Lindsay’s company, I have moved through some deep family issues, gained confidence in my abilities as an artist, and have learned how to advocate for myself in relationships.  Lindsay is a wealth of resources. I consider her a brilliant counselor and a dear friend.” – Joanna


“When I first started working with Lindsay, I was a few months into a very stressful first year of graduate school. I had ongoing stomach aches and fatigue from poor digestion, back aches (triggered by a cramped up digestive track), persistent yeast infections, itchiness on my shoulders and felt anxious much of the time. I have been struggling with dietary problems for most of my life, and have gone through a number of diets to help with acid reflux, gas and fatigue. But with the added stress of school and the need for intense energy and concentration, I knew something had to change, and I needed support. 

“When I scheduled a call with Lindsay, I thought we would just be talking about what foods I should be eating- I wanted to start a cleansing diet that eliminated carbs, as I believed carbs and sugar were at the root of my chronic yeast infections and acid stomach.

“However I quickly saw that Lindsay’s approach is a holistic, and thorough, investigation of my life. Lindsay is incredibly knowledgable about what foods best support the needs of my body – but she also wanted to discuss my feelings about school, my relationships, my schedule and about my relationship with my body.

“By asking caring, probing questions and listening to my explanations, Lindsay led me to insights about how I was emotionally relating to food – which is just as important as what I am actually eating.

“Lindsay reminded me that, if I listen to my body, I know what foods I should and should not eat already – it is a matter of understanding my cravings to know how to give myself the foods that nourishes me, instead of make me ill.

“Now, I am navigating my diet with much more clarity and control.

“My body is still on the path to recovery, but I now travel armed with the tools to eat correctly and take care of myself. With Lindsay’s encouragement, I have tailored the diet to fit my capabilities at this point in my life, to make sure I am making a sustainable change. I see a slow, but sure, improvement in the ways I relate to processed foods and sugars that I’ve craved throughout my life.

“I have high hopes moving forward and am incredibly grateful to Lindsay for helping me through this process. She is a gifted, intelligent women filled with love and I would recommend her for anyone hoping to make a change in his or her life!” – Ariel


boot-testimonial-photo“When I entered my session with Lindsay, I was in the process of figuring out my goals and priorities during a time of career transition. To be honest, I was skeptical about the value of what she was offering, but decided to enter into the process with an open mind. I was honestly shocked by how helpful and valuable I found working with Lindsay.

“She asked me questions to help me get clear on what my priorities are for how I live my life, as a tool for making conscious career decisions to help me get there. I was coming from a 60-hour a week labor organizing job, and knew that that was not sustainable for me. Lindsay helped me conceptualize what exactly my ideal work/life balance is for the long-term, which allowed me to then hold myself accountable to that vision in later contract negotiations.

“It was so rewarding to have a space to fully express myself, without being worried that the other person didn’t want to hear it.

“Having the room to fully hear myself out, while being guided by Lindsay’s active listening and thoughtful reflections, helped me see a path that I was already following towards my future career and life goals.

“Now I am in an active process of finding a job that both sustains and nourishes me, while I take personal steps to deepen my commitment to and involvement with racial justice movements in the United States. In the moment of uncertainty, it was so helpful to have Lindsay’s calm and grounding presence as a sounding board. Thank you!” – Tessa